Leadership Coaching
In the current business environment leaders, emerging leaders, middle management and executives are often working on what is commonly termed as a leadership deficit. Their time is overlapping in what is leadership? what is management? what is operational?

In this fast paced environment we are faced with the commitment of family, friends, health & well being as well as maintaining personal and professional networks .

If you have that feeling of overwhelm, underlying tension or just lacking clarity, we can assist you with a program developed to serve you and your individual needs.

Our Executive Coaching Program gives you the opportunity to build your own coaching journey targeted at your desired outcomes .

As the working population evolves, succession planning has become an increasingly important leadership competency.

Having a “leader as coach” becomes a critical component that will assist in the creation of future leaders as well as sustainable, high performance teams.

Master your self as a coaching leader and develop others so you are known as a leader who influences, inspiures, contributes and creates other leaders.

Needs discovery session – free of charge, 3, 6 & 12 month packages available

Some of the Topics Include:

  • Self Mastery
  • Team Mastery
  • Problem Solving, Annual Planning and Prioritising
  • Understanding the positive impact of personal influence
  • Enhancing Leadership Skills
  • Managing and prioritising development responsibilities
  • The role of, and how to develop trust in a successful coaching relationships
  • Using emotional intelligence to better communicate and motivate
  • Breaking down the principles of communication
  • Delivering development discussions to encourage team member growth
  • Delivering and receiving feedback
  • Empowering team members to perform
  • Linking effective delegation skills to team member readiness levels
  • Establishing SMARTER goals for enhanced performance
  • Convincing others through the establishment of value
  • Using WOW projects to encourage the pursuit of excellence and personal growth
“Kelley is a master of relationships, winning friends and influencing people wherever she may be.”
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