Extended Disc® behavioural profiling is a comprehensive assessment system that allows you to utilise vital information during all processes from recruiting to performance development on all levels, individual, team and organisation.

Extended DISC measures the unconscious behaviour and compares it with the conscious adjusted behavioural style, this means how the person believes they need to behave in their current environment. It allows the measurement of emotions.

We can then look at the emotions being communicated by the respondent at the time of the completion of the questionnaire. This includes their stress levels, uncertainty in their role, insecurity, frustration, pressure to change and their ability to manage their own motivation under the influence of their present environment.

Even more importantly it establishes the individuals needs and identifies areas in which they can flourish. It also defines the influence of the present environment on the respondent’s motivation as far as certain needs are concerned. This is vital information both for the individual and the organization.

The Extended Disc® profile calculates 160 different behavioural styles (most standard DISC behavioural profiles are limited to between 4-16).

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