Thank you for your interest in our “Leadership Mastery” program

We recognise that our clients have different needs at different times and strongly believe that behavioural flexibility is one of our greatest tools. We engage you in telling us what you need and work with you to identify specific outcomes in accordance with your business vision, values and goals. Our Leadership Mastery Program is designed to meet those organisational needs.

We do not want to be a “one hit wonder” in your organisation; rather we are invested in creating a sustainable partnership with you that fosters, high performance productivity and profitability in line with your business goals.

For the most effective development of your people, return on investment and results related to outcomes and productivity, we recommend quarterly sessions throughout the year to ensure continuous improvement through learning and accountability of individuals and the team as a whole. We also set specific tasks between the sessions to enable the participants to engage and utilise the learning’s in the workplace. We ask the participants to present the results of that engagement, showing real time implementation as well as effective use of the leadership tools.

Recommended Program – 3 x 3 days per annum face to face development. Coaching one on one equivalent to 1 day post stage one and two and 2 days post stage three for workplace project.


Self Mastery- 3 Day Program

First and foremost, Leadership is about Self Mastery, Understand your own leadership style, motivational drivers and emotional intelligence strategies. Complete your own Extended DISC behavioural profile and understand your current behavioural patterns, then review what to do to enhance your own behavioural style to achieve your desired results.

Using the Gallup Strengths tool we then unveil your natural talents and engage you in your own journey of discovery engaging those talents that are unique to you and making them Strengths to enhance your performance.

Topics Include:

  • Defining leadership
  • Diversity in leadership Styles
  • Discovering the leadership Deficit
  • What is the field of leadership?
  • Unveiling your Extended DISC behavioural profile
  • Know your “Talents” Gallup Strengths profile
  • Get out of overwhelm! – Managing your own time
  • Emotional Intelligence – 58% of your Performance

Team Mastery – 3 Day Program

Without teams there are no leaders. To create a movement one must have followers. As a leader ask yourself, why will others follow me? What behaviour do I model to inspire, engage and empower others to act. In this program we reveal the secrets of coaching mastery, We introduce you to the 5 key principles of success. We discover the most effective use of interpersonal skills and show you how to create a motivational environment. As communication is the key we work with you to develop amazing communication skills for greater understanding and engagement with each individual, in turn, bringing out the best performance and results for the person, the team and the business.

Topics Include:

  • Empowering Teams
  • Discovering your inner “Coach” to drive team performance
  • Coaching through Delegation & Leadership Inventory
  • Situational Leadership Grid
  • Delegation Planning
  • Systematic Problem Solving
  • Creating Goal Planning sheets and Action Plans

Problem Solving & Goal Planning Mastery

Are you tired of dealing with the same problem over and over again, had enough of the quick fix solutions that do not sustain themselves? Yes? Then discover magic of group problem solving & goal planning. Over and over again we have used this technique to collaborate with teams and engage them in long term results and sustainable solutions for their business. We work with you to discover the “lynch pin” which, when pulled will allow strategies to be established with priorities and accountability from all to drive the achievement of key goals within your organisation.

On an individual level we guide you in a review your use of time and discover new time management techniques for improved performance and outcomes. Show you how to sustain organisational culture that drives performance through clear expectations, establishment of trust, values and belief systems. Reveal real time strategies for emotional Intelligence and techniques to deal with difficult situations.

Topics & Tools Include:

  • Developing a structured approach to meetings
  • The Power of the “Meeting Record”
  • Know what your bringing to the table & make sure its relevant
  • The importance of action items and follow up
  • Delegation Planning
  • Department System Review
  • Systematic Problem Solving
  • Creating Goal Planning sheets and Action Plans

Unique Features:

  • Highly Interactive and engaging
  • Practical Skills & tools that can be used in the workplace
  • Practical application of tools during the program
  • Easy to use tools and techniques

Who Should attend:

  • Senior Leaders & Managers
  • Heads of department
  • Supervisors
  • Individuals managing teams

“Kelley is a master of relationships, winning friends and influencing people wherever she may be.”

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