The core of the strengths movement is focusing on what is RIGHT, not fixing what is wrong. More than 17 million people all over the world have completed the Clifton Strengths finder assessment. When we foster a deep understanding of our strengths we are able to use them to strengthen our partnerships, our teams and ourselves.

Unveil your Natural Talents and Transform them into Strengths. 

Traditionally, we focus on weakness fixing. Imagine what would happen if we shifted our focus to what we do well, and did more of that?
That is what this program is all about. “Discover your strengths and bring them to life” 

In your session we:

  • We define your talents and strengths
  • Uncover some indicators of talent
  • Develop greater self-awareness
  • Look for themes and patterns that create your talents
  • Analyse your top 5 talents in action
  • Discover the four domains of strengths
  • Identify, accept and utilise your strengths
  • Accepting and managing your bottom 5.
“Kelley is a master of relationships, winning friends and influencing people wherever she may be.”
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