Neuro Linguistic Coaching Program
4 + 2 Day NLP Coaching Certification Program
NLP is the ultimate communication tool for discerning managers and company leaders to develop sound teams and divisions, productive working relationships and positive interpersonal skills.

Managing people can be challenging at the best of times, you need embrace your ‘chameleon’ to understand individual complexities and behaviours. The good news is that NLP teaches how to do this effectively.

Coach and mentor in a style that allows your team members to tap into their own abilities, be accountable and think for themselves.

The NLP Practitioner Certification Course is conducted over 4 + 2 days, with a focus on providing anamazing, interactive and practical learning environment that will both challenge and support you in the ultimate discovery of your highest potential.

Unveil your true strengths so you can create a difference in your own world and the lives of others. This program will enable you to cease behaviours that no longer work and replace them with new behavioural choices that get the results you are hoping for. Use coaching techniques to engage yourself and others in decision-making that will ultimately improve your own outcomes, productivity and use of time.

Coaching is an attitude; it is all about being willing to think differently. If you want to change your outcomes, you need to change your thinking.

This means you will be instrumental in driving change and success, observing and reflecting and taking action to enable even more transformational, sustainable change in yourself and others right now!

Unique Features:

  • Highly Interactive and engaging
  • NLP Practitioners Certificate
  • Practical Skills & tools that can be used in all aspect of your life
  • Practical application of tools during the program
  • Easy to use tools and techniques

Who Should attend:

This Program is suitable to any person who would like to improve their own outcomes, relationships with others, relationship with self, professionalism, emotional intelligence and change their thinking.

“Kelley is a master of relationships, winning friends and influencing people wherever she may be.”
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