If some one agrees to see you then they are expecting, you to sell them something. “Sales is not a dirty word”. The true value of sales is to be able to educate your customer on something that will be of value to them! Are you saving your customers time, effort and emotion in your sales mastery?

Learn behavioural techniques that will allow you to apply the art of selling with ease. Use the five principles of success to transform your sales approach. Establish clarity and speak your clients’ language though understanding and transformational communication techniques.

The sales process is all about selling product and gaining market share or return on investment!

In a selling environment our own limiting beliefs may hold us back from being successful. If you are not passionate or believe in your product it wont be easy to sell. If you are a flogger, it wont be easy to sell, as people see your desperation. On the flip side if you are over generous or a serial discounter, it will not be easy to make profit. No profit, no business, it wont matter how good your product is.

Some of these limiting beliefs include:

  • Selling is manipulative! Am I pushing someone to buy something they really don’t want?
  • Selling is intrusive and annoys me. Selling often involves repeated emails and phone calls, with the amount of information on the techno highway do I provide value or just more reasons to hit the delete key?
  • Most people have had annoying experiences with salespeople who won’t take no for an answer. Those 8pm calls at night selling you insurance, ringing any bells? Who wants to be a annoying?
  • Selling tests my patience. The amount of time spent on proposals, paperwork, “toing and froing”. and the time it takes to get the customer over the line can be boring. Waiting for the prospective customers to make a decision can be so frustrating.

What is it that makes Sales easy?

In this program you will discover the “Secret to Sales Mastery”

  • Inspire productivity, self motivation and improved performance of the team through your own successful sales process.
  • Create a buying environment with your potential and current customers
  • Improve engagement and performance through your sales approach.
  • Drive improved performance and profitability by understanding the overarching force behind yours and others buying strategies and behaviours.
  • Discover your customers through the B.E.L.I.E.F Model for sales & service.
  • Implement your favourite negotiation technique to get the sale over the line
  • Apply the 5 Success principles to transform your sales approach
  • Establish Clarity and speak your clients language through understanding communication techniques
  • Inspire productivity and improved performance in your business and your team
  • Transform organisational culture
  • Improve engagement and performance through your sales approach
  • Drive improved performance by understanding the driving forces behind yours and others behaviour

Topics Include:

Module 1: The 5 Principals of Success
Module 3: Speaking your customers’ language
Module 4: Effective negotiation techniques
Module 5: “Sales is not a dirty word” Understand your clients buying strategy
Module 6: Unveil your customers needs with the B.E.L.I.E.F Model
Module 7: Creating a buying environment – maintaining the relationship
Module 8: Setting Goals & Targets
Module 9: Sales Mindset and Attitude, changing limiting beliefs
Module 10: Effective negotiation techniques
Module 11: Handling Objections
Module 12: The 90 Day Sales Plan
Module 13: Who is your Avatar?
Module 14: Working with your target markets
Module 15: The 4 Key Objections
Module 16: Degrees of Difficulty – The Psychology of your customers’ behaviour
Module 17: Presenting your Personal Brand and your Business Brand effectively
Module 18: Implementation in the work place

Unique Features:

Highly Interactive and engaging
Practical Skills & tools that can be used in the workplace
Practical application of tools during the program
Easy to use tools and techniques

Who Should attend:

All levels of Sales & Sales Management
Business owners, those requiring sales skills
People new to sales positions, who want to succeed

“Kelley is a master of relationships, winning friends and influencing people wherever she may be.”

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