Learn how your company’s vision, mission and values drive the organisations success.

First understand yourself & then your customers. – who are your customers and what are their needs including an introduction to the BELIEF model explaining what drives your customer to buy! Create the awareness to create behavioural flexibility in your approach to build rapport and trust with all of your customers, all of the time. Understand the cycle of service and how many chances you have to get it right for your customer, reveal what opportunities you have to turn a customer around at the point of service.

Statistics will tell us that 68% of your customers stop using your service because of an attitude of indifference towards a customer by a staff member. Maximize your ability to work with difficult people and turn those front line sales around using negotiation techniques and tools to unravel the difficult or unpleasant customer. Learn techniques to engage your customers through use of language, listening and other communication skills in this customer service program.

Topics Include:

Module 1: Understanding the six core needs of a human being
Module 2: The “Magic of Rapport”
Module 3: The 5 key principles of success
Module 4: Working in a Dynamic Environment
Module 5: ​Speaking your Customers Language
Module 6: Understanding and delivering in the “Experience Economy”
Module 7: Emotional v’s Rational Decision Making
Module 8: The B.E.L.I.E.F Model – Understanding Customer Expectations
Module 9: Profiling your Customers Behaviour
Module 10: Moments of Truth and First Impression
Module 11: Degrees of Difficulty – The Psychology of your customers behaviour.
Module 12: Presenting your Personal Brand and your Business Brand effectively
Module 13: Implementation in the work place


Unique Features:

Highly Interactive and engaging
Practical Skills & tools that can be used in the workplace
Practical application of tools during the program
Easy to use tools and techniques

Who Should attend:

All levels of Sales & Service
Front line staff and managers
People new to service positions, who want to succeed


“Kelley is a master of relationships, winning friends and influencing people wherever she may be.”
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