Professional & Personal Behavioural Self Mastery
Create transformational change through coaching. This level of personal development is about tapping into your ability to create choice in your own circumstances. That is, choices that are underpinned by resourceful belief systems that serve you, this means you replace old limiting belief systems with new behavioural choices to achieve the results you desire.

Transformational change is realised through asking great questions, often unveiling multiple levels of thinking and surprising questions you have never asked yourself before.
This level of personal transformation is achieved through several approaches, the imparting of wisdom from your coach utilising behavioural profiling, NLP techniques and matrix therapies coupled with assisting you in discovering your own untapped capability and releasing that potential for your own success both personally and professionally.

Topics Include:

Introductory session – What to expect and begin detailed personal history
Session 1 – Complete detailed personal history and begin clearing of parental patterns
Session 2 – Clearing mother and archetypal mother download
Session 3 – Clearing father and archetypal father download
Session 4 – Clearing negative emotions – Guilt, Anger, Fear
Session 5 – Discover your passion & purpose archetypes
Session 6 – Ideals v’s shadow – clear what hold you back
Session 7 – Embody the archetypes & your vision
Session 8 – “Your Quest for Action” –goal setting & accountability

Unique Features:

“Living the Dream Plan” – customised manual
Personalised program specifically designed for you
Matrix Therapies clearing of negative influences
Use of NLP specific techniques to assist in transformation
Agreed outcomes and personal history typed and monitored
Overtime on a specific session is free
Up to 5 free phone calls between sessions as required
Additional Sessions available at a discounted rate post the program.


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